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Struggling with Assurance?

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So many of the questions we get at Theocast come down to the issue of assurance. How do we know we will be finally saved? How is it that we have peace before God- now and in the future? We talk personally of our own experiences, make some observations about evangelicalism, and then point people to Christ and his sufficiency.

In the members’ podcast, the guys continue the conversation on assurance by considering good works, the ongoing struggle with sin, and the work of Christ.

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Read Episode Transcripts
Members Podcast

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Our primary focus at Theocast is to encourage weary pilgrims to rest in Christ. We facilitate simple conversations about the Christian life from a reformed perspective through our weekly podcasts, primers, books, articles, and educational material. Jon Moffitt, Justin Perdue, and Jimmy Buehler are all local pastors who desire to encourage and strengthen churches around the world. Learn more

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overcome . . . remove . . . have . . .?  You may feel that you put so much effort into improving your Christian life with no apparent fruit. Sins you thought would have been easier to overcome are still plaguing your daily life.

You are not alone, and you are not crazy! Many Christians today live on this sort of performance-based treadmill, running fast and getting nowhere. Trying harder and doing more haven’t produced assurance or victory over sin. You’re exhausted. You feel empty and fake inside. You feel guilty for merely wanting to just coast, to give in, to stop trying. The foundation of Christianity is faith. And the foundation of the Christian faith, we will argue in this primer, is rest.

In this book, Jon Moffitt, Jimmy Buehler, and Justin Perdue explain how weary pilgrims can find rest in Jesus Christ.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Visit our store and add the Primer to the cart. Click “view cart” and then use the promo code “rest” to receive your free ebook. CLICK HERE to get started.

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