Rest in Christ.


Rest in Christ.


Clarifying the gospel and reclaiming the purpose of the kingdom.

Our primary focus at Theocast is to encourage weary pilgrims to rest in Christ. We facilitate simple conversations about the Christian life from a reformed perspective through our weekly podcasts, primers, books, articles, and educational material.


Conversations designed to peel back the layers of confusion from a reformed and pastoral perspective.


Enjoy various classes that cover Covenant Theology, Calvinism, the Doctrine of Assurance and more.


Discover Reformed churches near you with our comprehensive Church Finder.


Theocast Community is designed to help deepen your understanding of what it means to rest in Christ.

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Many Christians struggle with feelings of inadequacy, putting in a lot of effort to improve our Christian lives without seeing any real results. This performance-based mindset can be exhausting, leaving us feeling empty, guilty, and depressed. This free eBook argues that true rest can be found in Jesus Christ alone.


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Recent Episodes

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