The Baptism Debate

The baptism debate. Typically, when we hear this, we cringe because it’s not really done well; there are a lot of strawmen. We don’t represent each other’s side well, and it becomes heated and emotional. We don’t want to do that today. We want to talk about the differences and where they stand biblically, and then why we would hold to a position known as the credo-baptist position: the 1689 Baptist view of baptism. Most of all, we pray that you’re informed and encouraged. We love our brothers who are paedo-baptists, and we hope that comes out in this podcast.

Why We’re Not Presbyterian

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between a confessional Baptist position on covenant theology and a confessional Presbyterian position? (We know you have–because you’ve asked us.) Jon and Justin talk about the differences today. It really all comes down to how one understands the covenant of grace to be revealed and then established. We hope this conversation brings some clarity for you!

Are Baptists Reformed?

In today’s episode, Jon and Justin have a conversation about the Reformation and the streams that flowed out of it pertaining to covenant theology. While there are disagreements amongst and between various traditions, Presbyterians, the Reformed, and confessional Baptists agree on a lot! This discussion covers some history, as well as the significant points of agreement. Let’s make Reformed catholicity a thing!

When Two Baptists and Two Presbyterians Walk into a Podcast…

Jon and Justin recently had the opportunity to be guests on the Guilt Grace Gratitude podcast. In this episode, two Baptists and two Presbyterians talk about confessionalism and the local church. The conversation is wide-ranging, including: confessions of faith, the objective work of Christ and his sufficiency, the law and the gospel, the ordinary means of grace, the mission of the church and the point of the Lord’s Day gathering, the sacraments, the effects of revivalism and pietism, and much more.