Speaking Requests

Speaking Requests

The boys dedicate a certain segment of each calendar year to speaking engagements. No group is too small or too large. They count the opportunity to encourage the saints and serve the local church among their greatest privileges. They place a very high value on meaningful and personable encounters with their listening audience. Accessibility is central to who they are. They receive lots of speaking requests throughout the year. However, due to their responsibilities as fathers and pastors, the allotted dates are limited. If you’d like to get them on your calendar simply submit a request. But, sooner is better than later. Essentially, assuming schedules can be coordinated, they (individually, or as a team) are willing to spend an single evening with a group, provide a weekend seminar on a given topic, speak at a men’s retreat, fill a pulpit on Sunday morning, consult local church leadership, conduct leadership training exercises or simply hang out. The ultimate aim is to strengthen the faith of the saints. How ever this can be done best in your case is fine with them. They are willing to take requests on specific topics or can provide a predetermined series of lectures. Have stuff!! Will travel! If you’re interested in having them speak to your group or church you can start by filling out the request form below.

Here are some suggested topics the Boys can speak on:

Law & Gospel: Making a distinction between the Law and the Gospel is critical to the Christian life. Too often we confuse the Law with the Gospel and the Gospel with the Law. Or, we blend them together in one message. Without a correct distinction, the heart of the Gospel is lost.

Leaving Pietism: How do you move your church (or life) from the confusion of pietism to the simplicity of a confessional and Reformed world? What are the challenges of making this transition? What are the benefits? How do you create a culture committed to biblical piety without falling into the hyper-spirituality of pietism?

Assurance as the Essence of Christianity: For most Christians assurance is the pursuit of the Christian life. In this paradigm, the ground of assurance lies in the Christian. The degree to which we are sanctified is the degree to which we can trust in our justification before God. In reality, however, assurance is the essence of Christianity. Through faith in Christ, we now have peace with God. The ground of our assurance is found in Christ Alone.

Relentless Grace: The average churchgoer believes the Bible is a handbook for Christian spirituality. It is a book of principles, morals, and ethics that serves the Christian in their duty before God. While the Bible does possess wisdom for the Christian life its real message is not about the Christian. It is about Christ. The Bible is the narrative of God’s relentless grace towards sinners in redemptive history. Sometimes it captures redemption at thirty thousand feet (OT History) and at other times it looking at it from the ground level (NT Epistles). But, it is always describing the same event.

Known: Total exposure and total acceptance. To have acceptance without exposure leads to hypocrisy. To have exposure without acceptance leads to judgmentalism. To have total exposure and total acceptance at the same time leads to liberation. The freest person is always the one who has experienced both at the very same time. How does a church create an environment of authentic compassion and grace? Is it even possible?

We are currently taking requests for 2018.



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