What Should We Be Praying For?

Recently, a few things I was reading and studying caused me to reflect a little bit on prayer. What follows is from an email I sent to my congregation. I hope it is of some encouragement to you.

What Are the Means of Grace?

What is the primary way God sanctifies Christians? Is it through spiritual disciplines? In this episode, we provide a simple answer to a fundamental question: What are the means of Grace, and how does God use them to sanctify us?

Where Is God In COVID19?

It is fair to say that all humans struggle with the problem of evil. If God is sovereign, why doesn’t he remove all the evil in this world? Why did he allow it in the first place? Can God truly be good if he has the power to stop evil but doesn’t? The harder you try to answer these questions, the more confused you will become. For thousands of years, humanity has wrestled with these questions.