A Critique of Lordship Salvation (S|R)

The guys talk more on uses of the law--and how confusing the first and third use of the law is particularly damaging. Justin also offers thoughts on how some Puritan theology is unhelpful.

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A Critique of Lordship Salvation

We have gotten a number of questions regarding Lordship Salvation and the historic, reformed position on it. So, today, that is what Jon and Justin talk about. We talk about concerns over the definition of faith, the collapsing of law and gospel, and confusion on the uses of the law. We interact with John MacArthur’s book, “The Gospel According to Jesus,” as well as Michael Horton’s “Christ the Lord.”

Marks of a Strong Christian

How would you describe a strong Christian? If you were to make a list of what characterizes a mature Christian, what would you put on that list? At Theocast, we are convinced that many would not answer these questions the way the apostles would have. As we look to the New Testament, what does it say about those who are strong in the church?

The Demands of the Gospel?

People like to talk about the “demands of the gospel.” But does the gospel make demands of us? Must we forsake sin in order to come to Christ? Do we need to make Jesus Lord of our lives?