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#149 What is Discipleship?
17 Oct

#149 What is Discipleship?

On today’s podcast, The Boys want to do something a little different. Our goal is to get you, the listener, involved in our discussion. We pulled one of our favorite podcasts from last year on the subject of Discipleship. Does the modern perspective align with discipleship historically? How has pietism changed the way discipleship is done within the church? What is the historic reformed perspective of discipleship? After you listen to the episode, please head over to the Facebook group and post your questions. We will answer them in a future podcast this fall.

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Assurance of Faith
06 Jul

Assurance of Faith

It seems unnatural to separate how we feel with what we know as it relates to our assurance of salvation. For many, the pursuit of assurance has been primarily a task of evaluating feelings, actions, and emotions. While this method seems sufficient and natural, it will inevitably demonstrate itself ineffective against the overwhelming faithlessness that we are so prone to have. But, as we will see below, making the separation between the grounds for our salvation (the objective reality) and the evidence of our salvation (the subjective reality) is the only way a Christian can find true peace.

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