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On our donor page, we provide a straightforward method to accommodate the most frequent ways of giving. However, we recognize there might be other methods you’d prefer to use. We trust the details provided below will be beneficial to you. Should you have more queries or wish to discuss donation-related matters, please utilize the form provided below.

Other ways to partner with us

Mailed checks written to:


223 Town Center Pkwy #363

Spring Hill, TN 37174

Gift of appreciated stocks, Mutual Fund Shares, or property:

You may avoid capital gains tax by donating property, mutual funds, or stocks, rather than selling the stock, donating the proceeds with a possible tax liability. You can give to Theocast and receive a tax deduction for the fair market value of the donated securities. To contact us, fill out the form below.

Qualified Charitable Distribution for your IRA:

If you’re 70-1/2 years or older, you can donate directly from your IRA and not add a penny to your taxable income. It’s a great way to make a significant contribution and take advantage of the tax break the IRS makes available. To contact us, fill out the form below.

A gift from your Donor Advised Fund:

Those gifts are already given, they just need to be distributed. Don’t let the funds sit idle in your account; put them to good work by making a grant recommendation before year-end. To contact us, fill out the form below.

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