All That Is Mine, Is Yours

We understand grace to an extent on the front end of salvation because we believe the word of God. We were in need of regeneration. We were dead in our trespasses and sins. We needed to be made alive…

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We Live Everyday in the Truth of God’s Word

Jon: We live daily in the truth of God’s word. And that is what shapes and governs our life. If someone finds hope and encouragement and desires to spend time in his word, engaging in it more in that way, they have every right, joy, and freedom to do so. And we would say, “Praise God for your time to be able to do that.”

But, we have to emphasize what God’s word emphasizes. I’ve had people say that if someone does not want or is not willing to read their Bible daily, they should question their faith…

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We Don’t Trust that God Wants What’s Best for Us

We don’t trust that God wants what’s good for us. We think our will is better than God’s. This is what got us in trouble in the first place. And so the entire book, the entire Bible, is proof God’s will can be trusted. Where was it violated? Genesis three. Where was it recovered? Genesis three. What requirements did God put on Adam and Eve to restore the relationship they had broken? He put no requirements on them…

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God is Unending in His Forgiveness Towards You

I want to encourage you in the Lord Jesus.

If Jesus says to us, “You are to be unending in your forgiveness toward your brothers when they repent,” dear Christian, know that God is most certainly unending in his forgiveness toward you.

God’s forgiveness is not based on our sincere efforts to repay what we owe…

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His Description of the Church is: “All but sewage.”

When you think about the church, how many of you think, “Whoa, not a pretty scene”? I was just interacting with somebody last night on social media who has, unfortunately, left the church. He said his description of the church is all but sewage, and I get it because we have allowed the world’s ideology about sin to influence us…

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