The Slow Death of Pietism
09 Sep

The Slow Death of Pietism

On today’s episode, we are able and blessed to sit around the same table to discuss and meet with our old friend pietism. The other night, we were discussing how pietism dies a very slow and painful death. We also talked about the damage it can cause to our assurance and what we see when we look at ourselves in Christ. In this podcast, we discuss the slow and painful death of pietism and how it can harm us.

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Archive Favorites: Obedience Is Not a Dirty Word
29 Jul

Archive Favorites: Obedience Is Not a Dirty Word

We are taking a few weeks off throughout the summer and wanted to pull some of our favorite podcasts from the archives from last year. Here is another one of our favorites! In this episode, we talk about how obedience is a good thing–but that sadly, many have had the experience of being scolded toward it. We discuss how assurance and peace with God in Christ actually motivates us to pursue obedience.

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