Jesus, Gentle and Lowly

What is the posture of Jesus toward those who trust him? In Matthew 11, Jesus invites the weary to come to him that they might find rest. He says he is gentle and lowly in heart. Is that how you have heard Jesus presented? Or have you been told that he is harsh, exacting, and probably disappointed in you?

Depart from Me (Dazed and Confused: Matthew 7)

“I never knew you; depart from me,” are words in Matthew 7 many of us fear we will hear from Jesus. Should we live in fear that we will finally be rejected by Christ for not doing enough? Was that his intention? Or did he mean something else?

Are You a Legalist or an Antinomian?

Are you a legalist or an antinomian? Most people would claim they are neither. But many Christians don’t know what to do with God’s law. Jon and Justin talk about the law and the gospel–and how it is Paul could say he delighted in God’s law.

Take Up Your Cross?

“Take up your cross and follow me.” What did Jesus mean when he said that? Is he calling us to hate our wives, kids, and parents? Is he calling us to be willing to suffer anything if we are going to be his followers? Is he laying down a test of radical discipleship? Or is he calling us to something else?

The Demands of the Gospel?

People like to talk about the “demands of the gospel.” But does the gospel make demands of us? Must we forsake sin in order to come to Christ? Do we need to make Jesus Lord of our lives?

Chasing Goosebumps

Many of us have spent our Christian lives chasing after experiences. We live in pursuit of spiritual highs and that “first-time feeling.” There is something different and better. Jon and Justin talk about what that is.

Christian Liberty? The Weaker Brother?

What is the purpose of your sanctification? Who is it for? (Hint: It’s not for you.) We survey a number of passages from the New Testament to demonstrate the point of our growth in Christ.

Your Sanctification Is Not for You

What is the purpose of your sanctification? Who is it for? (Hint: It’s not for you.) We survey a number of passages from the New Testament to demonstrate the point of our growth in Christ.

The Birthplace of Bad Theology

Where does all bad theology come from? From our perspective, it comes from a loss of the church’s one foundation–that is, Jesus Christ and his work counted to us by faith alone.


Should you regularly be questioning your salvation? What about self-examination? When and how should you do that? The guys answer these questions and consider several passages of Scripture that speak to these issues.

What Is-and Is Not-the Gospel?

There are a number of things discussed in the church as though they are part of the gospel–things like faith, repentance, obedience, and surrendering all to Jesus. But are these things the gospel? The guys have that conversation.

Is Christ-Centered Preaching Dangerous?

Jon and Justin discuss an article entitled, “4 Ways Bad Biblical Theology Warps Sermons.” Is Christ-centered, redemptive-historical preaching dangerous? Is it unhelpful? Does it produce bad things in the church? The guys talk about this—and more.

Leaving Pietism

At Theocast, we talk a lot about pietism. What is it? What is the difference in piety and pietism? How does pietism affect us? Is there something better? If you find yourself struggling in the Christian life, is there something wrong with you? The guys answer these questions and more.

Did We Fail 2020?

2020 has been a difficult year. (Understatement.) Jon and Justin reflect on what they have learned, as well as the faithfulness of God.

The Implications of the Incarnation

We had the joy of recording with Chad Bird, Daniel Emery Price, and Erick Sorensen of the ministry for a special Christmas podcast. Why is the incarnation of Jesus important? How does it bring us hope, joy, and peace? We hope this conversation is uplifting and encouraging.

Christ Is Enough…Now What?

Many listeners are tracking with us that Christ is enough–that he has completely saved us. Many have come to see that pietism is unhelpful. But, now, you’re wondering: What do I do now? If that’s you, this podcast is for you.

Are Spiritual Disciplines Biblical?

Spiritual disciplines are a big deal in our modern church context. Where did they come from? Are they biblical? How is it that we are sustained and grown in the Christian life? Jon and Justin consider all these things.

The Cravings of the Flesh

Sin is far worse than we often think. The Bible teaches that we are all born with lusts, cravings, passions, and desires that are wrong. Jon and Justin talk about this robust understanding of sin and its implications.

The Difference Between Sin and Struggle

There is a difference between unrepentant sin and struggling as a fallen person in a fallen world. How should we understand our own struggle and the struggle of other believers? And what does this mean for life together in the church?

Agree to Disagree

Jon and Jimmy discuss where should we draw lines of theological disagreements. How should Christians disagree over important doctrines? How has the church lost its mission in these theological debates?