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Our primary focus at Theocast is to encourage weary pilgrims to rest in Christ. We facilitate simple conversations about the Christian life from a reformed perspective through our weekly podcasts, primers, books, articles, and educational material.


 Senior pastor of Grace Reformed Church
in Spring Hill, TN. LEARN MORE


Senior pastor of Covenant Baptist Church
in Asheville, NC. LEARN MORE

Jimmy Buehler

Senior pastor of Christ Community Church
in Willmar, MN. LEARN MORE


Theocast happened for one basic reason. A friend and church member was sitting with the four of us one evening listening to us work through some nuanced theological topic. The conversation was— as always— enlightening on numbers of levels. Once it winded down, our friend said, “There has to be a way the rest of us can be exposed to this level of conversation. This isn’t fair. That was amazing! You guys don’t need to keep
this to yourself.” We had not considered that others might enjoy being invited here. Truth is, our conversations are precious to us personally. We’ve sat for hours countless times talking about Jesus. Theocast is an invitation for the “layman” to join the conversation; to listen to flawed but sincere huma
n beings with enough knowledge to be dangerous, wrestle through the most profound truths known to man.
Three of the four original hosts (Byron Yawn, Ryan Haskins and Jeremy Litts) are no longer contributing on a weekly basis, but we are excited to see this message continue to spread throughout the world. Justin Perdue and Jimmy Buehler have joined Jon Moffitt to continue this conversation about the joy of resting in Christ.
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