Should Christians Read the Apocrypha?

Should Christians study extra-biblical literature like the Apocrypha and the Pseudepigrapha? Jon and Doug make the case that these writings can help Biblical scholars better understand ancient cultures, ideas, and events. While not canon to scripture and outside of God’s inspired word, can these historic documents help our understanding of ancient times?

How Tall Were the Giants?

Genesis 6 introduces us to beings known as the “Nephilim.” Beings that are the product of humans and the divine. What is the history of these beings? How do we understand that they were giants? Jon and Doug delve back into Genesis 6 and how scripture makes a distinction between the line of Noah and the Nephilim.

Giants in Genesis 6?

Here we are, Genesis 6. This chapter of scripture, particularly verses 1-4, is a large focus of hundreds of thousands of works over thousands of years. In this episode, Jon and Doug aim to showcase the different thoughts throughout the centuries and identify the beings known as the “sons of God” and what their actions mean for Biblical history and our understanding.

Monsters In The Bible?

There are many mysteries relating to what seem to be mythical creatures in the Bible. Two passages of interest can be found in the Old Testament book of Isaiah. Passages that many are uncomfortable with or don’t know how to approach! Jon and Doug delve into these passages today and expose misconceptions tied to culture and translation.

Are “gods” Real?

Are there other gods? Are the other gods seen in the Bible just idols or are they real entities? We know the one, true God holds sovereignty over all, so how do these other gods operate in the spiritual realm and our reality? Jon and Doug delve into these questions and more.

The Courtroom of God and Angels

Does the Bible give us insight into how the spiritual realms operate? In the second of two episodes on Daniel 10, Jon is joined by Doug Van Dorn to discuss the spiritual realities of “the watchers” and the celestial courtroom in the scriptures.

Angel Warfare On Earth

In this segment, guest Doug Van Dorn joins Jon Moffitt to delve into the topic of angelic warfare as depicted in Daniel 10. Paul cautions us about spiritual entities, authorities, and the ruler of darkness. Where can we gain insights into these celestial beings? The Old Testament holds the key!

Demons, Gods, Giants, and the Bible (w/ Doug Van Dorn)

The Bible talks about a lot of supernatural things that most of modern Christianity seems to ignore. These are important parts of our Bibles that need to be understood! In today’s episode of Kingdoms Unveiled, Jon is joined by acclaimed pastor and author, Doug Van Dorn, well known for his studies and discussions on the more metaphysical parts of the Bible. Join Jon and Doug as they discuss how doctrinally confessional believers can better understand the history and role of demons, giants, and other spiritual forces in our reality.