Satan, Did You Know?

Every year around Christmastime, Christians love to argue about the song “Mary, Did You Know?” That’s another conversation for another day. (Mary did know some things, but she didn’t know everything.) A more significant question is, “Satan, did you know?” Did you know that Christ was bruising your head at the cross? How much did Satan know of the gospel? Jon and Justin talk about the victory of Christ over Satan in today’s episode.

Satan and the Gospel

In a war, the truth can determine who wins. In this war against Satan, if we are not clear on what the power of the gospel truly is, we will not be set free by it. Satan has been adding to the gospel for two thousand years, but not lies we would recognize. He adds God’s law into the gospel. Commands we know are good and healthy, but not when it comes to the gospel. Only grace is attached to the gospel, not the law. In This episode, Jon explains how the gospel being confused with the law is a tactic by Satan to confuse and discourage the soldiers of the King.