Resting in Jesus Christ

The objective in this episode is simple: to talk about the sufficiency of Jesus Christ and the rest he provides to sinners. In order to do that, Jon and Justin consider the law, the judgement seat, and the gospel–which is the power of God for salvation to all who believe. We ought not be afraid of wrath or condemnation. We ought not be afraid to go to Jesus in our time of need. He really does bid us to come to him for rest.

Narnia, the Reformation, and Hopelessness

Many of us, if we are honest, often live lives characterized by fear and hopelessness. This is the plight common to fallen man, true. But how has the church failed to help the saints have hope and peace? Jon and Justin talk about how a recovery of sound doctrine and of a confessional, otherworldly perspective is essential for our hope, peace, and rest.

The Resting Heart Rate of the Christian Life

What is the resting heart rate of the Christian life? From a biblical and Reformed perspective, it is union with Christ. By faith, we are in Christ, and everything that is ours is his. Through union with Christ, we are justified, sanctified, and glorified. And, we are also united to one another in Christ. God has given us the church, the ministry of the word, and the sacraments. These, too, are about our union with Jesus. Jon and Justin consider all of these things in today’s episode.