Psalm 1 Is NOT About You

One of the most famous Psalms that nearly everyone reads is Psalm 1. Jon and Justin want to highlight the distinction between the law and the gospel in Psalm 1, showing that it is not about how God blesses those who obey Him. Psalm 1 is not about you! You don’t appear until Psalm 2, and that is where the gospel is!

How Long, Oh Lord?

The question, “How long, O Lord?” has been asked by saints for millennia. It is littered throughout the psalter (6, 13, 35, 79, 80, 89, 90, 94) from the pens of David, Asaph, and Moses. There are the wrestlings of Asaph in Psalms 73 and 77. Then, there is Psalm 88, which begins and ends in darkness—while acknowledging the Lord is the God of our salvation. God’s people have repeatedly cried out to him, “Lord, how long will it be like this?”