The Battle for Your Children

Peter calls us to be “watchful” because there is an “adversary” who seeks to devour (1 Pet 5:8). Our homes are not immune to this warning. We often live oblivious to our children’s dangers simply because we can’t see them. In this episode, Jon and Judith discuss how to help prepare your children to face the many threats brought to them through life and how to lead your children toward the joy of loving and serving Christ in the kingdom. At the end of the episodes, they answer one of your questions about starting too late in your parenting.

How to Win an Argument

Our words are powerful. We often use them to cut and manipulate. When we are not careful with our words, we can cause lasting damage. Our words can also be how we love and build each other up. It is important to reflect love and mercy in our words to our spouse and children. Jon and Judith provide helpful insights and examples of what this could look like.

When Two Sinners Have Conflicts

We all fall into arguments as couples, but do we have a plan to resolve them? How should the gospel and biblical wisdom guide our sinful hearts when our passions don’t align? Jon and Judith walk through several helpful examples based on biblical principles that will help couples find their way through disagreements with compassion, love, and unity.