Missing the Gospel in John 3

In listening to a lot of preaching today, it’s clear that it’s possible to talk about the gospel or even about the work of God without actually getting around to preaching the gospel itself—preaching Jesus Christ for sinners. This can happen with any number of passages, but today Jon and Justin are going to have a conversation about a well-known text: the interchange between Jesus and Nicodemus from John chapter three. There’s a lot of truly epic content in this passage, including the sovereign grace of God, the work of God, and regeneration in the new birth. Unfortunately, the gospel message within this passage—the Son of Man being lifted up for us—is often not talked about enough. We hope this discussion is encouraging and clarifying for you.

The Old Testament Preaches the Gospel

Many Christians struggle with reading and understanding the Old Testament. They know it’s supposed to be about Jesus, and they’ve read the New Testament, but they’re just disconnected from the Old. Today’s podcast is our attempt to give you reasons why you should read your Old Testament. By doing so, you will see the wonder and glory it defines for us, which leads us to Christ and His grace.

Biblicists Beware!

Biblicism might sound like a good thing…but it’s not. Biblicism is a methodology that tends to introduce confusion and mystery into the Scriptures where there isn’t any. It also tends to confuse doctrinal and theological categories such as law/gospel distinction and faith versus works. Jon and Justin consider these things and more in this episode.

Is the Whole Bible Really About Jesus?

Is the whole Bible really about Jesus? Here at Theocast, we believe that it is. Jon and Justin consider the pattern of Jesus and the apostles with regard to how they understood the Bible. The guys consider typology and how it is useful in understanding the Scriptures–and biblicism and how it is not helpful.

There Is No Christ in Your Genesis, Sir

Is there any Christ in your Genesis? The book of Genesis is often mishandled. Peripheral things are over-emphasized and the main point is lost. Jon and Justin talk about Genesis from a redemptive-historical, covenantal, and Christ-centered perspective.