Taking Control of Our Minds

We can often live this life assuming our minds are not under attack. When this happens, we slip into the habit of not renewing our minds in the grace of God. We then sacrifice our bodies for pleasure and gratification instead of laying them down as sacrifices for our King. In this episode, Jon walks through Romans 12:1-2 explaining how we should renew our minds in the gospel and protect ourselves from Satan’s lies to draw us away.

How to Fight Lust

Both men and women fall under the pressure of lustful thoughts. Sometimes we justify it or ignore its existence because it is common among humans. Lust robs us of the true joy of relationships and causes us to use other people for our gratification. In this episode, Jon explains where this comes from, how the Law exposes us to our sin, and how the gospel is the only way to freedom and joy.

Have I Gone Too Far?

Do you feel that you have strayed too far from God? Is there a point when God would not accept a sinner back into forgiveness? How far is too far? In this episode, Jon helps the struggling believer who has found themselves trapped in sin think through God’s perspective of their situation. Is there anyone in the world that God never forgive if they are his child?

Satan: The First Influencer

When scripture warns us of Satan’s attacks, what does it look like? Scripture says that Satan disguises himself as an angel of light, so would we be able to pick out his lies? In this episode, Jon helps explain how Satan uses other people to spread his lies in the world. He influences humanity by twisting God’s words which in turn influences us in our everyday lives. How should we protect ourselves from these lies?

Why We Don’t Prioritize the Church

Satan has convinced Christians throughout the ages that they can obey and live for the King in their strength. Personal Bible ready and prayer are sufficient to protect and provide spiritual growth leaving church life as needed or optional. Jon helps the listener understand that church isn’t something God gave his children as a nice option if they so choose. The church is God’s only plan for his children to find the renewal of hope, strength, protection, and guidance as they work for the kingdom.

God’s Purpose for Trials

We can often think that God is absent from our trials, or that he is using them to punish us. James says to find joy in them, we may have the wrong perspective if trials bring grief instead of joy. In this episode, Jon helps the listener see trials from God’s perspective. Trials are means of grace that God uses to bring us back into his love and strength or to see his depending upon the Father with greater intensity than before.

Don’t Give Up Yet!

I know the feeling. You feel that today is the day you will finally break down. Life feels like it’s pulling you under, and you can’t breathe. You know the gospel, but you are numb to its realities. There is no drive left. In this episode, Jon speaks from experience and points the listener to where they can find hope for today and how to prepare for tomorrow.

For God So Loved Homosexuals and Murderers

Paul calls Christians to be “living sacrifices” (Rom 12:1). We celebrate missionaries who give their lives to evangelize cannibals, but why do we struggle to be compassionate to sinners in our own country? Namely, those who are gay and transgender. Both groups of people are equally under God’s wrath and need God’s grace. In today’s episode, Jon demonstrates from the Apostle Paul’s life how God’s grace can rescue anyone, including murderers, for his glory. Dying at the hands of sinners is what we are called to do so that the lost might find Christ (2 Tim 2:20).

A Pastor’s Response to Transgenderism

“Speak the truth in love!” Does love mean acceptance? This seems to be the fear of Christians who are vocally opposing the transgender and homosexual movement in our modern culture. In this episode, Jon helps the listener think through how Christians proclaim the law and the gospel to those who are prisoned in sin. The tone and method we use does matter according to the instructions given to us in Scripture.

Why Does Holiness Make Us Cringe?

Be Holy! This word triggers many thoughts for some that are the opposite of what we would consider to be good and beneficial. Why holiness matters often has more to do with negative feelings and outcomes instead of the benefits and beauty it reflects. Jon finishes looking at 1 Peter 1 and helps change your perspective of cringing at the thought of holiness to finding joy and hope.

Do You Obey Out of Fear or Grace?

When we think of our daily experience as Christians, what motivates us to refrain from sin? Are you afraid of possibly losing your salvation or eternal rewards? How we view the gospel and the promises of the New Kingdom will directly change how our experience will be in this world. Jon walks you through 1 Peter 1, looking at how Peter uses the hope of the gospel as our motivation to obey instead of fear and guilt.

Does Satan Feel Safe in Your Home?

Our homes are not as safe as we treat them. We often leave our guard down, assuming the world’s message has no place in our hearts and homes. If we are not actively taking measures to protect our families and homes, Satan’s influence is slowly making his way into our minds and hearts. This is a hard conversation, but a necessary one where we learn to live by grace fighting the temptation to believe the lies of the world.

How Your Priorities are Enslaving You

Ever wonder why you keep falling into the same traps of sin over and over again? We don’t just sit there and take it, we try new methods. Yet those methods only bring new problems with them. That’s because unknowingly, we have prioritized the world’s message methods instead of Christ and his Kingdom. The world sells us on its success and we believe the lie embracing its form of discipline to accomplish the goal. There is a battle for our hearts and minds, its time we allow God’s grace to bring us back to shaping our priorities in life.

How Many Times Can We Confess the Same Sin?

When 1 John 1:9 calls us to confess our sins, how often can we confess the same sin? Why do we so often feel the need to cleanse ourselves before coming before God? What does boldness mean when Hebrews say to run to him? How is Jesus our sympathetic high priest? Jon helps the listener think biblically about their sin and how God cleanses our conscience to enjoy his love and rest.

Feel Like Giving Up? Watch This!

Feel like giving up? Anxiety, depression, and failure can cause believers to feel like they are drowning under the waves of darkness. Alone doesn’t even describe the empty space you live in. Separated from God? More like, does God even care I am suffering? Jon helps the listener find their way back to the power of the gospel. Grace and mercy are more than theological words. They are the way weak and discouraged Christians breathe. We pray that you find joy and rest by the end of this episode.

Struggling with Motivation?

How would you answer this question, “What is the mission of your life?” If you can’t answer that question within two seconds with excitement, you are living in the wrong reality. We often seek to fulfill our lives with this world and ignore the spiritual realm we are called to. We are in a war that can’t be seen with physical eyes, how do we tap into that world? How does the mission of the kingdom become the passion of our life? Jon helps you think through how the gospel and the kingdom brings exciting and meaning back to our lives in a dying world.

What is the Point of Obedience? (It’s not what you think)

What is the point of obedience? There is a clear call to live a different lifestyle than the world, but to what end? In this episode, Jon walks through several scripture passages to point the listener to the motivation for their obedience, freeing slaves. We live in a world as exiles of another world left here to share the light of the kingdom. Our King uses our actions to draw those enslaved in sin to himself. We may not be able to share the gospel daily with our neighbors and co-workers, but we can love them as Christ loved us and be ready to give them hope in our life when they ask. We seek to glorify our God and set people free using love. The Kingdom is the point of our obedience.

Why We Don’t Give Up

How do you wake up every morning and no matter your age, income, or physical capacity, and understand the eternal purpose of your day? Is the really joy in laying your life down? What weight has you distracted from experiencing the power of God’s mission in your life? Grace is our freedom, and yet we leave it on the shelf when we walk out the door each day. Why?

What is the Source of Our Strength?

We give God credit for our Salvation, but when it comes to the progress and purpose of our life, we tend to rely on our own strength and wisdom. Until we are willing to see ourselves as God sees us, we will never truly understand the power of God’s word and his church in our lives.

Living for the Kingdom?

According to Christ, our King, we’re supposed to be “living for the Kingdom.” What does that mean? Is our goal just to not sin? Or is it something much greater than that? Will we be able to bring about the progress of God’s Kingdom on earth? Will we see it coming? In this episode of the Kingsmen Podcast, Jon delves into what Jesus meant when he describes our role within the Kingdom of God.