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MEMBERS: Comforts from the Cross (Transcript)
04 Mar

MEMBERS: Comforts from the Cross (Transcript)

Today on Theocast, Jon and I talk about the fact that sometimes as Christians we think that we have understood the gospel, foolishly thinking we have reached the bottom and that there’s not a lot left for us to understand. Then God comes in, graciously and lovingly, and explodes our hearts and minds with the wonder, truth, mercy, and grace of the gospel. 

We talk today about comforts from the Cross; the fact that when Jesus died and said that it is finished, that he had accomplished redemption and that his glory, righteousness, merits, and life were counted to wretched sinners like us. We talk about that and its implications in the church. 

In the members podcast, we consider self-righteousness and how bad it is in the church, and how if we understand the gospel rightly then it should promote love and unity because we understand that we all have the same righteousness – namely the righteousness of Christ. We hope that this conversation is encouraging to you.

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Live Q&A on Final Justification & Mark Jones
11 Dec

Live Q&A on Final Justification & Mark Jones

In our second ever live event, Jon and Justin talk primarily about sola fide--some of the old and new confusion around it. How do good works factor into our final salvation? We begin to discuss an article written recently by Mark Jones in which he argues that we have the right to eternal life by faith alone but we will finally possess eternal life through good works.

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