Giants in Genesis 6?

Here we are, Genesis 6. This chapter of scripture, particularly verses 1-4, is a large focus of hundreds of thousands of works over thousands of years. In this episode, Jon and Doug aim to showcase the different thoughts throughout the centuries and identify the beings known as the “sons of God” and what their actions mean for Biblical history and our understanding.

The Courtroom of God and Angels

Does the Bible give us insight into how the spiritual realms operate? In the second of two episodes on Daniel 10, Jon is joined by Doug Van Dorn to discuss the spiritual realities of “the watchers” and the celestial courtroom in the scriptures.

Angel Warfare On Earth

In this segment, guest Doug Van Dorn joins Jon Moffitt to delve into the topic of angelic warfare as depicted in Daniel 10. Paul cautions us about spiritual entities, authorities, and the ruler of darkness. Where can we gain insights into these celestial beings? The Old Testament holds the key!