The Covenant of Grace in the Old Testament (Transcript)

If you listen to many in the church, our Christian lives should be characterized by happiness, excitement, and by overcoming difficulty. But, this life is often characterized by pain, toil, and suffering. What do we do with that? And what is it that we’re called to in the church?

The Covenant of Grace in the Old Testament

This is part 4 from our Introduction to Covenant Theology. In this class, this is our first of two sessions discussing the Covenant of Grace. In this session, we talk about the nature of the Covenant of Grace. Then we turn our focus on the promises and progressive revelation of the Covenant of Grace and trace them through the Old Testament, from Genesis to Malachi.

Introduction To Covenant Theology Part One

In this course, we are going to explore Covenant Theology. We will show you how Covenant Theology provides a framework for rightly reading and understanding your Bible that arises from scripture itself.