We are beyond grateful for the interaction we have with those who listen to Theocast and are following “the boys” on this journey. Our ability to develop a relationship with our listeners is a specific goal of ours. This culture of encouragement and winsomeness is something we are working hard to develop. We think it’s sorely missing in the church. We appreciate the voicemails, emails and comments posted on social media. Keep them coming. However, because social media can be such a toxic environment and usually doesn’t promote a healthy dialogue we will not reply or get involved in threads. The mixture of anonymity, hostility and brevity are a recipe for disaster. As everyone is too busy trying to get the last word in these exchanges no one is really listening to the other or contributing anything of substance to the point. If you do offer comments on social media our silence does not mean we’re ignoring you. The only exception to this are the flamethrowers out there simply trying to stir up trouble. We are ignoring you. Here’s our advice in your case. Turn us off. We don’t expect you to listen. We exited the land of “take yourself too seriously” and “If you can’t beat them ruin them” a long time ago. We’ve no intention of being pulled back in.

But, to the rest of you reasonable people out there we’d love to chat. Fact is, even if you disagree with us still, we really enjoy conversing with you. Should there be a significant difference between us, we assume we can learn something from your perspective and you from ours. Ultimately, we want our exchanges to be constructive and reasonable. As a result, we mainly communicate through email. This way there is more of a context behind our comments. It’s much better than a drive by form of communication. It also forces us to sit down and think about what we are saying. It may take a week or so, but we try and reply to everyone who reaches out.

Grace and peace

The Boys