A Pilgrim’s Guide To Rest (Paperback) – Shipping 10/1

A Pilgrim’s Guide To Rest (Paperback) – Shipping 10/1

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These discussions questions are meant for both review and reflection on the main points of the Pilgrim’s Guide to Rest. Whether you use them for personal use or in a group discussion, the questions will help you remember the main arguments and conclusions as well as how those truths reorient the way we live our lives.

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It’s almost certain that you’re living the Christian life in the wrong direction. The path you’re on leads from duty to acceptance. You live to gain acceptance before God. Every day you’re becoming the type of person that God would be pleased to save and call His own. Your trek is all uphill and filled with perpetual uncertainty. But this is not the flow of the Gospel — at least the one uncovered and rediscovered in the Reformation. The one defended by the Apostles. The one which was incarnate and walked among us. That Gospel always flows away from moralism. Therefore, Christianity is the antithesis of moralism, and life is lived from acceptance outward. We don’t do what we do in order to get something, but because we already have it. However, making that turn and heading back the opposite direction is no easy thing. Acceptance is a strange horizon when we’ve been conditioned to pursue assurance rather than rest in it. A Pilgrim’s Guide to Rest is an explanation of what that turn looks like and the freedom it can yield to the weary pilgrim.

Byron Yawn, Ryan Haskins, Jon Moffitt, and Jeremy Litts, collectively known as “The Boys”, are the hosts of Theocast – the popular reformed podcast. What started as a desire to invite the “layman” into nuanced theological discussion quickly turned into a tight community of dedicated listeners. All four of them are pastors and are committed to serving the local church through the resources Theocast provides.

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