Our Thoughts on John Piper and Sola Fide

A Brief Explanation

Many of you have asked us to respond to John Piper’s most recent article, Does God Really Save Us By Faith Alone? We’ve no desire to get embroiled in some internet/social media debate. In fact, we think the confusion surrounding Piper’s article validates our efforts to avoid social media disputes. The internet has proven to be the worst way possible to dialogue on complicated theological matters. Nonetheless, we did want to provide our perspective to those who follow our ministry. We decided to send out perspective out via email to avoid the one (confusion) and accomplish the other (explanation). These comments should not be taken as a personal shot at Dr. Piper. There are many aspects of his ministry we appreciate. We’re simply trying to explain the origin of his view on justification. We realize many will disagree with parts of our argument, if not all of it. We know there are other opinions out there. We have tried to fairly represent Dr. Piper by referencing his material dating as far back as 1993. In the end, we hope it stimulates thought around the Scripture, the Gospel and the historic discussion of the doctrine of Justification.

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