SAFE: An Intro to the Doctrine of Assurance (Ebook)



Many have said that the Reformation was the recovery of the biblical doctrine of assurance. That is our conviction here at Theocast. By the doctrine of assurance, we mean the truth that sinners can be assured of their standing before God. They have peace with Him, are in a state of grace, and will never be put to shame. These wonderful truths are at the heart of the Gospel. Sinners, who are truly guilty and corrupt, are safe and secure in Christ by faith. Praise be to His name.
From the introduction.

This primer is a conversation between three pastors, who, at times, themselves, have struggled with assurance of salvation. The conversation is straightforward, compassionate, and pointed. They help explain why many believers in our current church context struggle with assurance, and how the Bible’s teaching on the sufficiency of Christ leads us to peace and rest.

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