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Academy Bundle

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From Here To There: Learning Church History Backward

  • 5 one hour sessions (mp3 download)
  • Class Syllabus (PDF) 
  • Instructor: Byron Yawn

From here to there is a retrospective of church history. It’s what we call an archaeology of the present. We will begin in the present moment and move backwards to examine all the people, movements, philosophies and events that led to the current state of affairs in the evangelical church. As we take a critical look backwards we’ll be more able to understand the present.


Relentless Grace – The Greatest Story Never Told

  • 8 lectures (mp3 download)
  • Class Syllabus (PDF) 
  • Instructor: Byron Yawn

The Old Testament is not ancient history stagnant on a page.  It is not spiritual advice.  It’s not a series of morals or fables. It is not about what goes on inside us.  It is about what went on outside of us.  It is the record of redemption.  It is the unfolding of everything we know.  It is what God has promised, has done, is doing and will bring to pass.  It is the chronicle of God’s love on a rampage through human history overcoming everything in its path taking down sinners with grace and bringing about a serpent-crushing event in the cross of Christ.  We are in that. That is the story of the OT.

Reformed Spirituality

  • 4 one hour thirty-minute sessions (mp3 download)
  • Class Syllabus (PDF) 
  • Instructor: Jon Moffitt

This course will seek to orient the Christian life within a reformed perspective by rethinking the evangelical construct of spiritual disciplines and learning to live within the freedom of faith in Christ. Over the four sessions of this course, we hope to reshape our approach to the Christian life by replacing the dread of our typical experience with the delight of the Gospel.

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