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Kingsmen Podcast

A weekly podcast focused on reclaiming biblical manhood by training and equipping men for the work of the kingdom.

Jon Moffitt

About The Host

Jon Moffitt  is the senior pastor of Grace Reformed Church in Spring Hill, TN. He is one of the founding members and director of Theocast Ministries.

More About Jon

From hunting bears to taking down liberal political agendas, the voices speaking into the arena of biblical manhood seem to be all over the road.

This podcast is designed to help men of all ages find their true purpose and meaning in life as citizens of the King. Being a biblical man is not about how strong you are. It’s about knowing who you are and what you have been called to do. Join us each week as we look to our King in his book to learn how it is to find a true and meaningful purpose for our lives as Christian men in a broken world.
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Recent Episodes

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Living for the Kingdom?

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A Man's Fight for Faith Against Satan's Lies

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A Christian Man's Battle with Self-Worth

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