Learning Church History Backwards

FROM HERE TO THERE is a retrospective of church history. It’s what we call an archaeology of the present. We will begin in the present moment and move backwards to examine all the people, movements, philosophies and events that led to the current state of affairs in the evangelical church. As we take a critical look backwards we’ll be more able to understand the present. In this first module, we’re asking ourselves “How did we become who we are as evangelicals and what features and people and events and theological emphases have led to who we are?”

We’ll go back and examine the first and second great awakenings and look at the massive impact that revivalism has had on the evangelical church. Will also take a critical look at the influence of American social-political perspective on American religion. When we put all of these features together will have a better answer to the question “What is an evangelical and how did we get to where we are theologically?” When I asked what is an evangelical most people can’t answer despite the fact they identify as an evangelical. FROM HERE TO THERE is an attempt to answer that question objectively and to discover the influences that led to evangelicalism.

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