Many Christians evaluate their lives and ask the same questions: Am I doing enough? Have I shown enough discipline, enough dedication, or enough effort? Would praying and reading my Bible more help me
overcome . . . remove . . . have . . .?  You may feel that you put so much effort into improving your Christian life with no apparent fruit. Sins you thought would have been easier to overcome are still plaguing your daily life.

You are not alone, and you are not crazy! Many Christians today live on this sort of performance-based treadmill, running fast and getting nowhere. Trying harder and doing more haven’t produced assurance or victory over sin. You’re exhausted. You feel empty and fake inside. You feel guilty for merely wanting to just coast, to give in, to stop trying. The foundation of Christianity is faith. And the foundation of the Christian faith, we will argue in this primer, is rest.

In this book, Jon Moffitt, Jimmy Buehler, and Justin Perdue explain how weary pilgrims can find rest in Jesus Christ.

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This lecture covers the historical decline of reformed spirituality over the last 400 years. Subjects covered in the class:

  • The influence of the Counter-Reformation and Roman Catholic Theology
  • The influence of pietism in the 17th and 18th century
  • Modern revivalism in the 19th century
  • Examining the writings of Foster, Willard, and Whitney

This class is part two of a four-part series on “Reformed Spirituality” taught by Jon Moffitt. This is the only video lecture. The other three lectures are audio-only.




This list will quickly bring you up to speed on our thoughts concerning Reformed Theology.

START HERE – What is Theocast?





Reformed / Confessional Reading Starter Kit

“What do you recommend I start reading” is a question we receive often. It’s understandable. Many have spent years accruing resources to benefit their Christian life, only to one day look up and realize their bookshelves are stocked primarily with pietistic legalism or weak evangelical self-help books. The list is designed to help you start (or grow) your reformed and confessional reading list. Continue reading…

How acceptable are our good works? – Jon Moffitt
How acceptable are our good works? We all have bad days, but on our best days what does the Father think of our obedience? Is He only concerned with sincerity of heart? Continue reading…


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