The most common question we get asked concerns our use of the terms “pietism” and “confessionalism.” These two descriptors are in constant rotation among the boys of Theocast. This brief little overview is intended to help catch you up on our conversation. It’s quite possible that we’ll simply put words to what you are already thinking.


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This list will quickly bring you up to speed on our thoughts concerning Reformed Theology.

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#153 “Splitting Hairs?” – Law-Gopsel Distinction 
Why making the law gospel distinction is essential to life and faith.

#70 Leaving Pietism Part One 
The unusual experience of transitioning from a pietistic world to a confessional one.





Reformed / Confessional Reading Starter Kit

“What do you recommend I start reading” is a question we receive often. It’s understandable. Many have spent years accruing resources to benefit their Christian life, only to one day look up and realize their bookshelves are stocked primarily with pietistic legalism or weak evangelical self-help books. The list is designed to help you start (or grow) your reformed and confessional reading list. Continue reading…

From a Codified Life to a Life of Faith – Byron Yawn
When Jesus arrived on the scene his people had codified everything. They turned the LAW into an infinite web of rules and regulations. They took what was impossible to fulfill and made it impossible to decipher. Continue reading…

How acceptable are our good works? – Jon Moffitt
How acceptable are our good works? We all have bad days, but on our best days what does the Father think of our obedience? Is He only concerned with sincerity of heart? Continue reading…

Assurance of Faith – Ryan Haskins
It seems unnatural to separate how we feel with what we know as it relates to our assurance of salvation. For many, the pursuit of assurance has been primarily a task of evaluating feelings, actions, and emotions. Continue reading…


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