Introduction To Covenant Theology

In this course, we are going to explore Covenant Theology. We will show you how Covenant Theology provides a framework for rightly reading and understanding your Bible that arises from scripture itself. We’ll dive deeply into the three covenants that comprise this framework: the Covenant of Redemption, the Covenant of Works, and the Covenant of Grace. In the end, we will rejoice over the firm ground Covenant Theology provides for our assurance and rest in Christ.

Part 1: Introduction & Overview
Part 2: The Covenant of Redemption
Part 3: The Covenant of Works
Part 4: The Covenant of Grace in the Old Testament
Part 5: The Covenant of Grace in the New Testament

Instructor: Jon Moffitt, Justin Perdue, and Jimmy Buehler

The Mystery of Christ,
His Covenant, and His Kingdom

The class is a four-part series overview of The Mystery of Christ, His Covenant, and His Kingdom. The discussion was centered on the 1689 perspective of covenant theology, as Dr. Sam Renihan presents in his book

Part One: Methodology and Hermeneutics (Chapters: 1-3)
Part Two: The Kingdom of Creation (Chapters: 4-5)
Part Three: The Kingdom of Israel (Chapters: 6-9)
Part Four: The Kingdom of Christ (Chapters: 10-14)

Hosted by: Jon Moffitt & Justin Perdue

An Introduction To Calvinism 

Our goal for this series is to provide a simple and uplifting introduction to a complicated and heavily debated topic. We approach this from a pastoral perspective providing helpful applications for each section.

We cover all five points of Calvinism with additional commentary on how each point applies to our everyday Christian life.

Instructors: Jon Moffitt, Justin Perdue, and Jimmy Buehler

Reformed Spirituality

This course will seek to orient the Christian life within a reformed perspective by rethinking the evangelical construct of spiritual disciplines and learning to live within the freedom of faith in Christ. Over the four sessions of this course, we hope to reshape our approach to the Christian life by replacing the dread of our typical experience with the delight of the Gospel.

Instructor: Jon Moffitt

Reformed View of Assurance

This 120-minute class was taught by Jon Moffitt to a group of pastors and church leaders in India during Covid19. This class is a basic overview of the following subjects:

  • How was assurance lost by the Roman Catholic Church?
  • How human nature turns against biblical assurance
  • Why do so many struggle with assurance today?
  • How can assurance be maintained?
  • What role does fruit-bearing play in assurance?
  • What is the primary purpose of good works in the NT?
  • Will too much assurance lead to licentious living?

Instructor: Jon Moffitt