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Alot of what he says is so vague and general, it’s up to my imagination to figure out what my “Whiteness” is that I’m supposed to figure out that is so offensive and exclusive to everyone else.

If I’m thinking of a mega church a couple hours from where I live in a predominantly white suburb outside of Sacramento CA, I would assume that the “Whiteness” of this church is manifested in the following ways:

  1. Hillsong top 40 (usually written and performed by Whites from Australia)
  2. Mostly White congregation and leaders
  3. Pop Rock music style (in distinction from an urban hip hop style)
  4. Squeeky Clean and safe campus (appealing to the White suburbanite lifestyle that drew them to that neighborhood in the first place.

So, what kind of solution is he suggesting? Mix the church’s style with more Black distinctives that I notice as predominant in Black churches? Such as…

  1. R&B style music
  2. high emotionalism
  3. fancy suits (men) and fancy hats (women)
  4. calling the pastor “Reverend” and  pastors wife “first lady”

This is ridiculous. I belong to a Reformed Baptist Church in the Silicon Valley CA where 90% of the church is 2nd generation Asian American. We use a litergy like this:

Call to worship, Bible Reading, Psalm singing, children’s message, offering, announcements, hymns, doxology, sermon, prayer, benediction.

There’s nothing Asian about it. You could plug this formula into any part of the country and anyone of any race who values the gospel over racial distinctives would be “at home”.  As a white guy, Yeah…I know what it feels like to look around and be in the minority at church. I feel absolutely no uneasiness at all about it. It’s a gospel loving church with people who worship in a way that emphasizes Christ above all else. I don’t even think about asking the “all Asian pastors” to diversify the leadership, and “whiten” or “blacken” the services to be more inclusive. I think we’re a good example of what a church should be and can be if it were this way in any context.


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