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The Response Church

    • Address:
    • 1499 Venice St.
    • San Diego
    • CA
    • 92107
    • United States

The Response Church exists to glorify God by creating Gospel-Centered families of Missionary Servants in our city and the world.

We Are Gospel Centered

Every church has a set of deeply rooted values or characteristics that define it. We often describe our church’s DNA as being “Gospel-Centered.” At The Response Church, we believe the Gospel profoundly influences and guides every area of our lives. There are three primary areas of the Christian life – WORSHIP, GROWTH, and SERVICE. In each of these areas we are called to respond in different ways.

We Are Family

The church is not a building, it’s the family of God. The Gospel not only makes us children of God, but also brothers and sisters of one another. At The Response, a gospel-centered church in San Diego, we treat each other like family. This means we choose to be vulnerable and honest about our struggles as we seek support from God and one another.


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