What is Theocast Academy?

Theocast Academy is part of the Total Access membership. Every year we will offer a number of classes covering various theological topics. These classes will come in a variety of formats such as audio, video, and live online classroom. Below is our schedule for 2018. We look forward to having you join us!

From Here To There

Learning Church History Backwards

“FROM HERE TO THERE” is a retrospective of church history; making the connections of people, philosophies, theology, and movements that led to who we are as evangelicals. NOW AVAILABLE! CLICK HERE

Biblical Theology

The Greatest Story Never Told
(The Old Testament)

In this course, we will learn how to read the Bible from a redemptive historical perspective putting the major pieces of the Bible together and understanding the whole Bible from the vantage point of continuity. Over the eight weeks of the course, we hope to answer the most important question an interpreter can ask – What is the point of the Bible? Now Available: CLICK HERE

Reformed Spirituality

This course will seek to orient the Christian life within a reformed perspective by rethinking the evangelical construct of spiritual disciplines and learning to live within the freedom of faith in Christ. Over the six weeks of this course, we hope to reshape our approach to the Christian life replacing the dread of our typical experience with the delight of the Gospel. COMING SOON.


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