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Shame: The Leprosy Of The Soul
11 Apr

Shame: The Leprosy Of The Soul

Shame is a demoralizing emotion. It’s an indiscriminate sort of internal bully. No person, regardless of their relative confidence or station in life, is exempted from its ridicule. There is no route home where shame is not waiting for you. It can dispirit the strongest of souls. Bring the noblest to their knees. For some…

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Why the Lord’s Table Will Be A Weekly Part of Our Services
05 Apr

Why the Lord’s Table Will Be A Weekly Part of Our Services

Recently, the leadership of Community announced the decision to include communion in our weekly corporate worship service. The decision itself was made more than a year ago after the elders spent some considerable time and energy discussing our distinctives and how they might be more fully expressed in our worship and practices. This adjustment was…...

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