The Theocast Road Show

In 2018 Theocast has tentatively scheduled a few live events in select cities where our listener base is the strongest. The Theocast Roadshow is a mini tour of sorts intended to connect the boys with the numerous people who’ve “joined the reformation.” But, more importantly, we hope to connect our network of listeners with each other within local areas. We are intent on proving that “you’re not crazy,” or alone. There are lots of you!! The roadshow will include live music, food & beverage, a multimedia presentation, lectures and access to limited release content. Some of the roadshows may even correspond with book releases scheduled for 2018. We’re  also considering break out sessions and other opportunities in conjunction with local churches. Currently, all of this is under consideration. What is certain from the get go, however, is that the roadshow will most certainly be an unadulterated and unfiltered celebration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We’re in the planning stages at present and will be releasing locations and dates in the near future. Seating will be limited so keep an eye out for more details. If you’d like to discuss the possibility of having a roadshow in your area in the future simply fill out the speaking request form type “roadshow” and include the details in the “additional comments” section. We’ll get back to you.  See Y’all on the road!!


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