#121 Warfield: Plan of Salvation

#121 Warfield: Plan of Salvation

The Boys discuss the influence and importance of Warfield’s classic work on Calvinism. What insights does it offer? How it changed the Boys’ perspective. Why any serious thinker should consider reading it. Why dead guys are the authors we should look to most.

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The Plan of Salvation (B.B. Warfield)

Originally delivered as a series of lectures at Princeton Theological Seminary, “The Plan of Salvation” is a masterful articulation of various views of salvation among Christian believers. Warfield, in his own thoughtful way, analyzes and interacts with each viewpoint and arrives at the conclusion that salvation is either from God or from ourselves. This thought-provoking book will be sure to foster a better understanding of God and his role in salvation, convincing you that a renewed heart is truly of the Lord.



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